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a 90’s kid? don’t you mean sad adult?

70,000 people have reblogged this but no one is trying to defend themselves

There is nothing to defend

#i read a post once that described 90s kids as the generation of nostalgia #because so much technological advancement happened in such a rapid timeframe when we were growing up #that we can clearly remember having technologies that are now obsolete #like going from a corded hugeass phone to a small computer in your pocket just within our formative years is a major thing #and it sparks a nostalgia for our seemly ‘simpler’ childhoods #because so much rapid development makes it seem like it was a lot longer ago than it actually was (x)

also we grew up in an era of booming economies and promised an adulthood of prosperity and endless opportunity such that if only we got good grades and went to college we would spend the rest of our lives enjoying life in the future.

and then the economy crashed and the jobs disappeared and we’re all tens of thousands of dollars in debt and either unemployed or working undercompensated overtime trying to keep jobs that don’t quite cover the necessities after we’ve made our student loan payments and the idea of affording a house or a marriage or kids is some giant bitter joke.

If we’re sad, it’s on the same line as that old saying about how if they really want to punish you, they don’t just send you to Hell, they give you a tour of Heaven first.

my heart

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